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Today, he called telling me some news that really upset me.. My normal reaction would be freaking out and getting angry but I just didn't..
I stopped for a moment .. I said nothing then I told it's fine and no problem..
After we hang up, I think he was surprised by my reaction.. so, he called again and he told me I really don't want to be sad and i will fix everything and don't worry.. I was sooo happy and he started flirting with me..
If I gave my normal reaction , we would end up fighting instead of laughing together..
So, about not saying anything bad , I really managed to do this.

At the end of the day, I told him I'm happy 2day coz he understood me and knew what I feel without having to tell him and I really appreciate it.
He was happy too and I hope that would encourage him.
And that was my compliment of the day..
I hope that challenge would go right

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