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Day 4

Dear Diary,
I'm really really happy today thx god.. I really feel that what I'm doing are finally paying.. My trials to reach a perfect makeup and a newlook are finally working..
Also, My new ways to fix my marriage and make my husband happy are working "till now" ;)
Today, We had a long call for an hour and a half .. We spent it NOT fighting .. NOT arguing but Just laughing and having fun :)
I'm more easy going now .. I don't look behind every word.. I don't try to prove my opinion all the time and I just have a good time..
And what I think now is the problem was always in me.. not him..
he's a nice happy person but guys are just different than girls..
That's what I'm trying to accept now and start dealing with.
I'm glad I did that and hope that I continue to make him trust me again and trust that I could get back to what I used to be..
I really really need to continue my challenge..
And btw my 30 days challenge is not only a challenge to fix my relation with my husband but also a challenge to change myself for good and acquire new habits.
Wish me luck guys..

Day 3

Still on the challenge. Today, I was out of mood beacause I had a toothache.. But I handled things even with my bad mood and I managed to gave him a acompliment and not to blame him for anything.
I'm not the mood now even for writing .. So, I think I'll be writing more tomorrow :)

Day 2

Today, he called telling me some news that really upset me.. My normal reaction would be freaking out and getting angry but I just didn't..
I stopped for a moment .. I said nothing then I told it's fine and no problem..
After we hang up, I think he was surprised by my reaction.. so, he called again and he told me I really don't want to be sad and i will fix everything and don't worry.. I was sooo happy and he started flirting with me..
If I gave my normal reaction , we would end up fighting instead of laughing together..
So, about not saying anything bad , I really managed to do this.

At the end of the day, I told him I'm happy 2day coz he understood me and knew what I feel without having to tell him and I really appreciate it.
He was happy too and I hope that would encourage him.
And that was my compliment of the day..
I hope that challenge would go right

My 30 days challenge

Good morning :)
I'm proud of myself beacause finally I broke the habit yesterday.. Going through my diaries really helped me realizing that I'm the problem.
So, I had to take action immediately and I did.
I've decided to just stop it.. stop thinking too much.. stop the nagging and whining .. Stop the victim attitude.. All of this didn't get me anywhere  before so how would it get me anywhere now..

So, my husband called me yesterday and told about sth he messed up.. my first instinct was to blame him and actually i did indirectly for a while.. Then I realized what i'm doing and immediately I've changed the attitude.
Instead of blaming, I tried comforting him and thinking that he's more dissapointed than I am.
I even sent him a msg to reassure him :) And I found that this attitude was like magic.. he started feeling better and talked to me intead of closing on himself each time he has a problem.

Then, I found a video on you tube talking about how to keep your husband happy and intrested in you.. it gave me a good idea and i thought why not try it.. It's a 30 days challenge.. I have to go for 30 days without saying a bad word about him to him or to any other person.. No nagging, whining and blaming.. Also, i have to give him a a compliment every day on anything he does even if a very small thing.
So, I'll try it and hope to see the difference.
yesterday was day 1 :) Let's find out what will happen today..
I need to control myself and think about sth nice and sincere to say :)

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